Simulator: Observing in Minecraft environment

The idea in this section is to observe communication in a global online-gaming environment. It is obvious that in today’s media culture the conversations are more or less global when people interact with diverse groups in different situations. Intercultural communication takes place at these platforms every day.

Now it is time to take a look into the world of teaching game Minecraft and observe the conversations and communication happening there. Sign in to you Minecraft account, choose a group / place to visit and observe the communication by taking notes for example about following questions:
1. How did the other players say hello to you?
2. What kind of subjects were discussed?
3. Did you see any cultural “misunderstandings”? If you did, how were they solved?
4. Was there any sterotyped thinking involved? Did you meet prejudices? Discrimination?
5. Did you understand everything that was happening in discussions?
6. Did you take part in discussions? What happened then – did you get answered?
7. Did you try to make new conversations? What happened then?
8. Did you see any communication rules or norms (visible or invisible)? What happened if somebody did not obey them? Did you try to obey the rules yourself? If not, what happened?
9. Did you make friends? Was it easy?

And, how does all of this make you feel: Did you feel welcomed? Did you understand everything? Did you feel fear, uncertainty, frustration? Or was it just fun?

What did you learn? What helped you to succeed in intercultural discussions on Minecraft? How would you like to develop your skills in order to become more competent in intercultural settings, also in different gaming environments? What kind of characteristics / traits should a person have in order to succeed in these communication situations?

For PKKY students there is a free access to the Minecraft environment at Otsola H-building. In case you need guidance with Minecraft, please contact instructors of Verkko-opisto (at the same building or ville.tuominen at for guidance.