Welcome aboard

This is a material bank for everybody who is interested in intercultural issues. If you are eager to learn new things concerning communication between people representing different cultural backgrounds, you have arrived to the right place.

From this database you will find basic information about intercultural communication and diversity. You will get to know the basic theories about communication between cultures and see, what is meant by talking about intercultural competence. You will also see, how dangerous sterotyped thinking can be and why it should and how it can be avoided.

On this database you find also stories from people who have studied or worked abroad – some of them for a longer and some for a shorter period. There is also a little test, in which you can test yourself and your attitudes concerning intercultural communication. There are also some written assignments and a special observation task to be completed in a Minecraft -gaming environment. We also provide you with a link list, blog and guidelines for anybody who is planning to move abroad for studying or working.

We hope that with this material you will learn to see diversity as a benefit and resource – for individuals, organizations as well as societies as a whole. Have fun!

The materials have been collected by M.A. Aino Harinen during several years, from different sources. Part of the materials have been used by Aino Harinen at lectures in different schools in Finland. All the materials have their origin in several different sources: texts are from printed materials, books and magazines as well as from online articles, web-courses and lectures held by for instance professor Liisa Salo-Lee (University of Jyväskylä) and researcher Gudrun Petersdottir (Intercultural Iceland).